How It All Began

The Engagement Soiree... in more ways than one!

So on May 27th Keith and I had our official engagement party. In my city loft with friends from all areas of my life, I got to share how happy I am to be spending my life with this truly amazing man. To drive home that point just a little farther, I surprised him with a engagement ring of his own (no reason for the girls to have all the fun with jewelry). It was a simple and lovely band with the phrase "Vous et Nul Autre" carved inside.

It means "You and No Other" in french and is a traditional engraving for "posey" rings. It was especially fitting and touching because the first times I had ever heard it were the nights that Keith would look at me and whisper it (not revealing for some time what it meant).

So now with both of us sporting our unmistakable rings of love and intent and if I might say so, Keith looking amazingly dashing in a tux, so with that the night continued. The room buzzed, hors d'oeuvres were passed, glasses clinked and we all were carried into the night amidst jazz and martinis. It was simple, and grand all at the same time, a good feel of things to come...