How It All Began

Saturday July 24th...

I woke up.
Thought about Keith.
Sigh, how nice.
Wow, what is that strange feeling?
Was that a swoon?
Ok, think about Keith again...
ah ha! Me thinks that was a swoon!
Test the theory, say his name out loud, Keith.
Yes, Swoon, we definitely have swoon here folks.
Think, need more study under tight testing tolerances.
It is what I have wanted for a looooong time.
oo, I'll call him!
... ring... ring...
"Hello honey, nice to hear your voice"
nice to hear my voice, did he know what his voice was doing to me??!!
Must find some way to get off phone, I tell myself, this is almost too much to handle!

Wow. I am in love.


(don't worry I called him back later that day after I had gotten a grip on myself and shared the great amazing news)