How It All Began

September 11th...

September 11th hit and near the end of that year Keith came into my shop on one crisp afternoon and informed me that he was going back into the Army. He had been in many years ago, right before we met.

Sadly we quickly lost touch as he went back through basic training and more as he prepared to be a medic. Something I am so proud of and impressed that he chose in life. Well the war in Iraq was just starting and I finally got back in touch with Keith just weeks before he was to ship out of the country, now a combat medic for the Army's 4th Infantry.

We got close on those last few calls and both wrote each other after he deployed. He shared his days and nights in Iraq with me through letters from the field and I shipped over care packages with hidden notes and funny gifts to brighten his days. Calls were near impossible and got only slightly better as the one year deployment wore on.