How It All Began

So Why A Thursday???

We will be getting married on January 18th, 2007

I know, you say why in January, why a Thursday? Here is just a few of the reasons...

I love the idea of a winter wedding, warm candles, hot drinks and a frosted winter wonderland built all around.

I have lived my whole life doing what seemed good to me as opposed to what was expected in life so the "June Bride" thang had no allure.

Most of all it is a celebration of my grandparent's 65th anniversary!

They were married in New York at the start of WWII, he was a freshly commissioned officer in the Navy. They both made it through those hard times safe and sound and with each other, that is some history I would like to cherish and share. Heartfelt gratitude to them for showing me how it's done.