How It All Began

No Chance But To Meet...

I met Keith in the hall. I was freshly eighteen and had just moved out of my home town and started classes at a community college. I clearly remember him coming up to me in the main hall right in front of the school's library.

We would chat on that day and quite a few more as we saw each other from time to time in those halls. That was to be the first way we met, not the last.

One of my good friends, Thomas made the move into Portland a few weeks later. Excited to show of his new apartment, he called and invited me to visit and check out the neighborhood as well as meet his new roommate.

Yep you guessed it.

In our first dose of what was to be a long run of destiny, Keith had taken my friend as a roommate and I still remember him sitting there when I walked in.

We all became a tight group of friends, and could be often found laughing over a cup of coffee late in to the night and for the next year.

I came home one spring day from school to find a dozen roses waiting for me at my house. Six red, six pink, the first dozen roses I had ever been given, and now 14 some odd years later, only Keith and no other has ever done that. I love the romance in Keith's heart. Alas calling it timing or whatever, it was not to be that day, and my life soon found me moving out of town.